Our Team

Austin Edwards

President – Principal
Contractor &  Consultant

Austin Edwards is responsible for the profitable management of the rapidly growing, multi-divisional Emerald Companies. His position includes promotion of the brand, mergers and acquisitions, business development, budget oversight, department head management and accountability. Overall, he maintains the company’s core goals and established direction while preserving profitability. Austin is an avid outdoorsman. His passion for the outdoors has made him familiar with wildlands throughout the Delta region and Northern California. Austin sits on multiple charitable foundation Executive Boards at any time and is actively involved with industry advocacy groups and his community.

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Kaycie Edwards


Kaycie Edwards is the administrative manager of the Emerald Companies, overseeing all functions of the office and field, from payroll, to budgets to quality control. Kaycie helps in establishing the company’s core goals and direction. With a degree in Community and Regional Development from U.C. Davis, Kaycie brings over 10 years experience in the land development and construction industry. She provides a quiver of services demanded by Emerald, Inc’s clients. Kaycie enjoys the outdoors, camping and boating. She is also a runner, and in her spare time can be found training for various marathons or triathlons with her twin boys.

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Aaron Jerome

Operations Manager

Aaron Jerome is our experienced hand in the building industry.  Aaron is a veteran of the home building industry that has agreed to come out of retirement to help out with Operations and Land Development projects here at Emerald.  He brings a wealth of experience, a good attitude, and a reasonable head when erosion control season gets chaotic.  In his free time, you will find Aaron on the region’s golf courses having a great time with friends.

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Gordon Peters

General Manager

Gordon Peters has been around erosion control longer than anyone here at Emerald.  He’s very knowledgeable about level BMP installations, hydroseeding and large scale project install phasing.  Coming from a predominantly public works background, Gordon knows how to manage many projects in many locations.  This helps Emerald immensely with scheduling, logistics and materials management for our multiple divisions.  We still haven’t determined how many pairs of cowboy boots Gordon owns.  

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Art Estrada

Superintendent- Sacramento

Art Estrada is an Emerald success story.  He runs dispatch, scheduling, materials ordering and the daily-grind at the Emerald.  Art started in 2013 as a laborer on our construction crews and has continued to grow with the company.  Emerald would not be the team oriented company we are today without Art as a leader.  He has created a quality and safety mentality among his team, and has shown that hard work provides opportunity.  If you email Scheduling, you likely get Art.  He is a solutions kind of guy that makes magic happen.  Art is dedicated to his family, fishing, coaching youth sports and Kansas City teams.

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Mark Gonzalez

Superintendent – Bay Area

Mark Gonzalez is another Emerald leader born from our ranks.  He came on to work in our shop and worked his way into a QSP role then a Superintendent’s role when the Bay Area kicked off.  He has a broad working knowledge of everything we do here at Emerald and is always advocating for the company.  He is a team player and good for the morale of the group.  You can always count on Mark to find a way to get the job done and to have a fun story about it once its over.  Mark is an avid pool player, dog lover and horseback rider.

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Tucker Johns

Superintendent – Central Valley, Sweeping

Tucker Johns has worked hard to get to Superintendent.  He came to us from the University of Oregon to work install crews, got his QSP and worked his way into the consulting group.  He was instrumental in setting up our dispatching system and has kept our sweepers his responsibility even after moving up to Superintendent.  Tucker stepped up with the expansion into the South Valley and has done an excellent job with the increased role.  Tucker loves a good debate and is a frequent visitor to the trivia scene in Sacramento.

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Scott Sanders

Consulting Supervisor

Scott Sanders is the model supervisor.  He loves to be in the field doing inspections, likes to find processes to make our monitoring teams more efficient, loves technology, and believes in what we do.  He has built a great team of inspectors and leads by example.  With jobs in Sacramento, the Greater Bay Area and throughout the Central Valley, Scott is very busy overseeing the processes by which we manage storm water compliance.  He is our drone monitoring program pioneer.  Scott loves his multiple dogs and to golf.  He can be found frequenting one of his favorite courses with his friends or family during his free time.  

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Donald Cook

Stormwater Monitor

“Cookie” is synonymous with site Stormwater in the Central Valley/Greater Bay Area.  Don was one of the first to come on board with Austin and Kaycie back in 2007, and has played a vital role in developing the site Stormwater business sector for Emerald.  He personally oversees all site inspections, site inspectors, and scheduling of field inspectors/inspections.  Don also has a large part in managing Emerald landscape maintenance contracts.  His relationships and experience help keep Emerald as a preferred vendor to our longtime contracts. During his personal time, he can often be found putting golf balls or walking his beloved dog Moose.

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Ally Alvarado

Accounting Assistant

If you have received money or a bill from Emerald, its due to Ally.  She processes everything accounting before it gets through the gauntlet of reviews.  Her attention to detail and quick ability to pick out the problems have been invaluable.   She has a fun personality and is game for most challenges.  As an Emerald pastime, we try to find company activities that Ally has not tried.  She is now an experienced race car driver, attends Kings games regularly, and has broadened her palate beyond the #4 at the local restaurant.    

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Trinidad “Trino” Hernandez

Lead Foreman

There are no Emerald’s of the world without a Trino.  He is the go to guy for all of our odd jobs and important tasks.  He is like family to Austin and Kaycie and he has come along with them from multiple companies be at Emerald.  As a leader, he is driven by detail, completely reliable and honest.  That has been a huge part of Emerald’s success.  We have repeated requests for Trino and annual contracts that require his leadership.  Trino loves his family, friends and spending time with both in his free time.